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What is ParaTools?

ParaTools is a set of Perl modules for parsing citations (the references at the end of papers). It's main library uses a template-matching technique to extract metadata from citations, while secondary libraries provide support for OpenURLs and reference extraction from documents.

How does ParaTools relate to ParaCite?

ParaCite (http://paracite.eprints.org) uses the current version of ParaTools with a user-friendly interface for searching a collection of resources. An overview of ParaCite is available here.

What can ParaTools do?

ParaTools' main aim is accurate citation parsing, and the ParaTools::CiteParser modules support this. There is also support for OpenURL via the ParaTools::OpenURL module, which can take parsed metadata and create/enrich OpenURLs, and experimental support for extracting references from files (including PDF, PostScript, and HTML). Other modules will be added as new ideas come along.

Something isn't working! What can I do?

First make sure you have followed the installation instructions correctly (these are in the INSTALL file in the archive), and that 'make test' passes correctly. If it is a problem with a function, try 'perldoc ParaTools::SomeModule' (where SomeModule is the module you are working with) and make sure you are using the function correctly. If all else fails, please get in touch and we'll investigate. There is not yet a mailing list or online documentation, but these will be available soon.

I've got a better parser/bug fix/nifty feature, can I add it to ParaTools?

Hopefully, yes! Please see the contributions page to see how to submit your code, and we'll see if it can be feasibly added. If you have an idea for a feature, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.