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Contributing to ParaTools

As ParaTools is still in early stages, there is a lot of room for improved parsers, bug fixes, and new features. If you would like to contribute to the ParaTools code, please mail a patch/bug report to paracite@ecs.soton.ac.uk or the mailing list and we'll let you know as soon as possible if we need more information, or if the bug/feature can be fixed/added.

The module structure of ParaTools is designed to allow the easy addition of third-party parsers (e.g. ParaTools::CiteParser::YourNameHere). If you would like to contribute a parser, please ensure that it extends the appropriate superclass (e.g. ParaTools::CiteParser), and that the methods/metadata are consistent with the Standard parser. More information about this is in the HOW TO sections of the documentation.