About ParaCite

What is ParaCite?

ParaCite is an experimental service, being designed at the University of Southampton, for the location of articles from raw references. When a reference is passed to the service, it is split into its component parts (e.g. author, title, year), and transferred to the search resource. Based on the subject area, and the data provided, a set of resources is presented that the system believes have the highest probability of providing the full text article at no charge.

How is the reference parsed?

The reference parsing is currently achieved using a custom built reference handler. This uses a chain of regular expressions, combined with a set of templates for common reference styles. The parser is still in an experimental status, but once it is stable we plan to release the Perl modules as open source.

How is the resource ranking decided?

At present the resources are ranked depending on the following factors:

Obviously this does not provide a realistic weight at the current time, and we are working on adding the following weights:

How do I add my resource to your collection?

At present ParaCite is not accepting new resources, but we hope to have a form set up for this purpose soon.

Doesn't OpenURL do this already?

OpenURL is able to locate resources using a resolver, but is intended to transport metadata, and as such it is typically the job of the originating system to parse the reference. However, it is possible to pass a raw reference via OpenURL, so one of our goals is to provide a free OpenURL resolver that can combine the parsing functionality of ParaCite with the OpenURL syntax.

I used this reference, and it didn't work - why?

The ParaCite parser is very experimental - please mail your reference to us, and we will ensure the parser can handle it.

Where can I get more information?

If you have any further questions, please mail us and we will try to answer them.